I help major global brands, companies, non-profits, and public sector organizations connect, adapt, and engage with women and Latino audiences.

For more than 15 years, elected officials, media companies, C-suite executives, and major global brands have looked to me for help navigating an evolving consumer environment. From senior levels at the White House and Capitol Hill to global advocates to Fortune 100 companies and public sector agencies, my data-driven know-how has made me a trusted partner, keeping my clients ahead of the curve with accurate predictions and actionable insights.

How we drive results for you and your organization

Consumer Insights & Analysis

  • Conduct original qualitative and quantitative research.
  • Identify and analyze the right audiences, messages, and markets.
  • Highlight trends and predict outcomes based on behavioral and attitudinal attributes.


Content Development

  • Under IMPACTO MEDIA, we develop and curate documentary films and digital content for a global audience. 
  • Currently we have a media platform in beta engaging Millennial Latino audiences.  Learn more about our findings.


Convert & Activate Audiences

  • For Advertisers: Using our proprietary media suite of engagement tools as well as a network of strategic partners, we are able to micro-target English and Spanish-speaking consumers. 
  • For Campaigns: Identify target market segments and test key messages around products, issues, and candidates.

About Leslie

Leslie Sanchez is an entrepreneur, author, award-winning political commentator and former director of a White House Initiative on Hispanic Education.

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Leslie has delivered speeches to over 400 domestic and international audiences on topics related to the Hispanic-Latino demographic and women’s vote.

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