Books (An Authority on Women's and Latino Vote)

Leslie Sanchez is taking the assumptions and myths about women in politics and turning them on their heads. You've Come a Long Way, Maybe (St. Martin's Press; October 2009) tackles hard-hitting questions about women and the road to the White House.


In this book, Leslie tackles such tough issues as:

Does sexism still exist in politics?

Did the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin and the campaigning style of Michelle Obama help or hurt women with political aspirations?  More to the point, did they overcome or confirm the sexist stereotypes that have, historically, been so damaging to women.


Are the new social networks enough to provide a meaningful political legacy to America's younger generation of women?

All the campaigns relied on social media as an organizing tool, really marking the first time in the modern political era that women came together as a positive force for something rather than a force to change things in society they didn't like.  Was it enough?  And have women reached the point where they don't have to be "mean girls" to win?


“She breaks all the stereotypes. It’s hard to look at her and think, ‘That’s a three-piece-suit Republican.’”
— U.S. Rep. Tom Cole (OK-4)


Hispanics comprise one of America's largest business-minded, faith-based, culturally-conservative entities-and their numbers continue to grow.  

In her book, Leslie debunks the cultural and political myths about Hispanics voters and accurately predicts key shifts in voting behavior prior 2008.  Los Republicanos also serves as a historical look at previous Latino vote strategies dating back to Viva Kennedy and Nixon's 1970s Hispanic Strategy. 

Leslie reveals:

  • That Hispanics are the next big swing vote-and why some don't believe it.
  • Why Republicans' intolerance on immigration could wreck the party's governing majority.
  • How Hispanics are "wired differently."
  • From Cesar Chavez to Carlos Mencia-the impact on business and politics of young, upwardly mobile Hispanics.
  • How the evangelism of Hispanics, both Catholic and Protestant, will shift the Latino political center of gravity.

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